Commission on Aging Minutes - July 5, 2000

Commission on Aging

July 5, 2000

The Prospect Commission On Aging meeting was called to order at 10 a.m. by Chairman Olga Novicky.

Members Present: Olga Novicky, Jeanette Lampron, Joseph Thompson, Steve Novicky, Miriam Cauette, Albert Miele Sr.

Members Absent: Ruby DeCosta, Michael Rutkowski, Jean Reilly

Others Present: Lucy Smegielski, Mayor Bob Chatfield, Richard Kuhn

A motion was made by Jeannette Lampron, seconded by Al Miele to approve the minutes of the June 7, 2000 meeting. Unanimous.

Director's Report: A motion was made by Joseph Thompson, seconded by Miriam Caouette to accept the director's report. Unanimous. Bus report handed to every member.

Old Business: The fund raising committee, Lucy Smegielski and Jeannette Lampron will get together with the Mayor to set guidelines for donations to the new Prospect Senior Center to be recognized in some way. Olga suggetsed the plagues in the Library are nice. Jeannette Lampron has been in contact with Norman Lizotte of the Waterbury Commission On Aging to attend their meeting if she can to find out time and place. She will contact other towns to find out when their meetings are, so anyone who wants can go to see what other Commissions do. Jeanette has received the Elder Service Manual, it is very helpful.

New Business: Denise Skrip will begin working at the Senior Center as of today. Lucy Smegielski told about her father Frank Vagueiro visiting and having such an interest in the new Prospect Senior Center that he has made 200 ceramic plagues with "Prospect Senior Center Grand Opening" on them along with the town of Prospect seal. He is sending them to Lucy to be used for the Grand Opening of the Senior Center, maybe to raise money for the center. He has also made a cornerstone for the new building. His donations are very much appreciated. Mayor Chatfield asked to appoint a personnel committee of one, Jeanette Lampron, to represent the Commission on Aging on any future meeting with an employee of the Senoior Center. A motion was made by Joseph Thompson, seconded by Miriam Caoutte to appoint a committee of one, Jeanette Lampron, to represent the Commission at future meetings with employees. Vote Unanimous

Mayor Bob guided the Commission on a tour of the New Prospect Senior Center. Mayor Bob, Job Superintendent Dave Zaccaria and Grants Co-ordinator Gina Ash were on hand to answer any questions on the building. Gina has secured money for round tables with padded chairs, the library will have a pool table and comfortable chairs for watching TV. Everyone was very delighted with the building and can't wait for the opening, projected for the middle of September. The Commission memebrs thanked Dave Zaccaria for being so dedicated to overseeing the building, he has come in on Sundays and nights to make sure everything is going right. He has put his heart and soul into this building. Gina also has been there to make sure as the work was done, the money was available from the state. Mayor Bob, Dave Zaccaria and Gina Ash were done, the money was avaiable from the state. Mayor Bob, Dave Zaccaria and Gina Ash were thanked for conducting the tour and helping memebers get around in the unfinished building. Lucy will bring the job description of the Senior Center mini bus driver to the next meeting of the Commission, as a problem has come up in that the mini bus driver should be coming back to the Senior Center to do other tasks after the passengers of the bus are all delivered.
Olga announced it gave her great pleasure to announce that Jeannette Lampron has been chosen to receive the Prospect Grange citizen of the year award, to be given on July 14th at 7 p.m. in the Grange Hall in Prospect. All Commission members are invited to attend.

TRAID Report: More people are interested in coming out to the meetings after coming to the barbecue held at the Fire House last month. The "Fire Safety in the Home" program given by Fire Marshall, Keith Griffin was very informative.

AARP Report: The Prospect Chapter 2845 thanks Mayor Bob Chatfield for installing new officers for the coming year. The annual picnic will be held at the American Italian Civic Club, Waterbury, on July 11 at 12 noon.

Prospect Senior Club Report: Olga Novicky has stepped down as president and Tillie Wilmot has been elected president. The annual picnic will be held on August 8th at Volmar's Grove.

Public Participation: Richard Kuhn is glad the new building is coming along and it looks "pretty darn good". Olga thanked Lucy for what she has accomplished at the Senior Center with the small building to work with.

A motion was made by Jeannette Lampron, seconded by Miriam Caouette to adjourn the meeting at 11:07 a.m. Vote Unanimous.

The next meeting of the Commission On Aging will be held on August 2, 2000.

Respectfully Submitted,
Olga Novicky, Chairman
Martha Brown, Clerk