Town Council

The Town Council conducts their meetings the first and third Tuesday of each month, beginnning at 7 p.m., in the downstairs Assembly Room of the Prospect Town Hall.

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2017 Meeting Dates
2016 Meeting Dates
Ordinance SubCommittee Meeting January 5th Agenda
January 5th Agenda
January 19th Agenda
February 2nd Agenda
February 16th Agenda
Ordinance SubCommittee Meeting February 16th Agenda
February 18th Special Meeting Agenda
February 25th Special Meeting Agenda
Ordinance SubCommittee Meeting February 27th Agenda
March 1st Agenda
March 1st Budget Meeting Agenda
March 9th Budget Meeting Agenda
March 15th Budget Meeting Agenda
March 15th Agenda
March 29th Agenda
April 5th Budget Meeting Agenda
April 5th Agenda
April 9th Budget Meeting Agenda
April 12th Budget Meeting Agenda
April 13th Budget Meeting Agenda
May 3rd Agenda
May 17th Agenda
May 31st Agenda
June 7th Agenda
June 14th Agenda
Public Hearing Notice, June 21st
June 21st Agenda
June 28th Agenda
Ordinance SubCommittee Meeting June 29th Agenda
July 5th Agenda
July 19th Agenda
Audit SubCommittee Meeting July 28th Agenda
August 2nd Agenda
August 8th Agenda
August 11th Agenda
August 16th Agenda
August 16th Special Meeting Agenda
September 6th Agenda
September 20th Agenda
October 4th Agenda
October 18th Agenda
November 1st Agenda
November 15th Agenda
Public Hearing Agenda, November 15th
November 28th Agenda
December 6th Agenda
January 3rd Agenda
January 5th Agenda
January 17th Agenda

For further information, or to view minutes in their entirety, please call or visit the Town Clerk's Office.